PBX Phone System

We provide an easy to use cloud PBX phone service. A PBX is the private telephone network you would normally find in an office environment. A cloud PBX uses the Internet instead of on-site hardware, this reduces the cost and complexity of installation and management.

  • A cloud PBX is simpler and more cost effective than an on-site PBX.
  • Easy management of your PBX phone network using a web browser 24/7, 365 days a year
  • We don't charge you a 'per seat' fee for adding extensions like other companies. Add as many as you want, they are free.
  • Calls between extensions are free and work just like any office phone system.
  • We support HD (High Definition) voice on phone extensions, with sound quality similar to a CD.
  • Because it's in the cloud, phone extensions can be wherever there is broadband. Perfect for dispersed teams.
  • From FREE per month

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  • Simpler than an on-site PBX
  • From FREE per month
  • Easy Web access 24/7
  • No 'per seat' fee
  • HD quality
  • Use anywhere
  • And, loads more ..
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Example - A PBX Phone Service for Doctor Dan's Surgery

Doctor Dan runs a small practice with two other GP's. Doctor Dan's surgery is in demand at unusual times. Of course he wants to provide his patients with exceptional service, but that's tricky because of the unusual hours and nature of a surgery.

Here's the phone service Doctor Dan needs:

  • A phone line in the surgery for the secretary during business hours.
  • A phone line in each GPs' office.
  • A call queue for when the surgery is busy.
  • An after hours phone information menu so callers can select an appropriate service.
  • A method to route to the GP 'on call' outside business hours.
Dan needs a cloud PBX phone service with call queuing

Here's how LazyPBX solved it for Dan:

Dan had four VoIP (Voice Over IP) extension phones installed in the surgery. He connected them to LazyPBX cloud service. This gave everyone a personal extension with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from an expensive office phone solution. A call queue was added for busy times plus a phone menu for out of hours information and diversion to the 'on call' mobile.

Callflow for a cloud PBX phone service with call queuing

Dan's Phone Service Cost

Here's some other benefits for Dan.

  • He can change things whenever he wants with a few clicks.
  • All voicemails can be cc'd to his phone and PC for review via email.
  • Urgent calls can be recorded.

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