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 ====== How do I divert a call ? ====== ====== How do I divert a call ? ======
-You divert a call by connecting ​the number you wish to divert to an Extension block.  +See the //​[[i_getting_started:user_extensions|User Extension]]//​ guide
- +
-The number you wish to divert to is set in the Extension block parameters  +
- +
-Here's an example of number +441212123123 being diverted to Bob's mobile +447812341234 +
- +
-**NOTE:** numbers must always be entered in international format.  +
- +
-{{:​iii_frequent_questions:​using_lazypbx:​call_divert.png|}} +
- +
- +
-TIP: The 'Call Announce'​ feature is useful for mobile diversion, it stops your mobile voicemail picking up the call and keeps control in the call flow.+
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