The block TimeSwitch will switch your call to the regular output if the call occurs between the times set, otherwise the call is switched to the failure output (bottom of block).

Settings for this block

  • Label: An arbitrary label to help identify the block.
  • Range for Day: The time range for each day to be specified in the format 'hh:mm-hh:mm' (ie. from-to in 24hr clock format). If no settings are entered for a particular day, then the failure output is taken for that day. Example '05:30-15:30' will send calls to the regular output between 5:30am and 3:30pm on the specified day, otherwise they go to the failure output.
  • Override to Failure Output: If this is checked all the day range settings are ignored and all calls are switched to the failure output. This can be used to place a temporary re-route, for example if your line is closed for a holiday.

See the Example using TimeSwitch

Live State Information

The browser will give you a live display of the 'state' of your TimeSwitch blocks.

This is done in two ways (i)Icon change (see pointer for direction of call flow) and (ii) a hover when you place the mouse cursor over the block. Note this is only shown in 'view mode', not during editing the call map.