Block RingGroup rings 2 or 3 extensions in parallel, the first one to answer 'wins' the call. If nobody picks up after a certain time (Ring Timer) or all extensions are busy, then the bottom output is taken.

*You must add blocks of type Extension before you can use this feature block.
*You must have a channel available for extensions forwarded externally (ie. forwarding to 3 mobiles requires 3 free channels ).

Settings for this block

  • Label: An arbitrary label to help identify the block.
  • Extension 1: The first extension to call. If there's nothing in the list you need to add Extension blocks!
  • Extension 2: The second extension to call.
  • Extension 3: The third extension to call. (optional)
  • Ring Timer (seconds): The number of seconds the phones will ring for before taking failure output.

Simple Example

In this case three extensions are defined 200, 201 & 203. When a call hits RingGroup extensions 200 & 201 will ring in parallel. Note that 200 & 201 are not connected, the 'Ring Group' is set by parameters. if neither 200 or 201 answer, the call goes to 203.