The block Number represents each phone number entering the call flow. The Number block is normally the first block to be dragged onto the workspace.

The overflow settings are used when the maximum line capacity is reached (inbound congestion). If Overflow Message and Email are empty a default 'lines busy' message is played to the caller. You can customise the congestion announcement by adding an Overflow Message of your own. If you add an Overflow Email AND an Overflow Message a voicemail will be taken and sent to the email address. If you set an Overflow Email only, then the default message is played and an email alert will be sent (ie. no voicemail collected).

Note: You can increase line capacity from the menu Account > Supplements > Line Capactity.

Settings for this block

  • Label: An arbitrary label to help identify the block.
  • Overflow Message: Message played to the caller if there's no line capacity. If empty a default 'lines busy' message is played.(see description above)
  • Overflow Email: Email address used for overflow notifications or voicemail if there's no line capacity. (see description above)

Simple Example

In this case, the number block represents number +441212298520. If the number +441212298520 is connected to the extension 'Joe Bloggs', then if the number is called Joe Blogg's phone will ring.