The block Menu will play a message to the caller, wait for a single digit to be pressed, then take the corresponding output (counting from 1, 0 takes output 10). The greeting the caller hears is the uploaded file set with parameter 'Menu Options'; if no file is set then a 'beep' will be heard (this is useful when nesting menus). If the caller presses a digit which is not connected, the file 'No Match' will be played or if not set, an 'error beep' will be heard followed by 'Menu Options' replayed. # will always replay the 'Menu options' and * forces the error output on the bottom to be taken. If no key gets pressed within 5 seconds the 'Menu Options' (or beep) gets replayed to the caller. After 6 replays of the menu the error output on the bottom is automatically taken.

If Direct Dial Extension is enabled the caller can dial a 3 digit User Extension code (200-299) to connect directly with an extension. If the Extension does not exist the caller will be informed with an announcement “not a valid extension” after which the call will be re-directed to the Menu's 'No Match' announcement, then the bottom output is taken.

Settings for this block

  • Label: An arbitrary label to help identify the block.
  • Sound- Menu Options: The sound file to play for the 'menu' (if not set a beep is played).
  • Sound- No Match: The sound file to play if no match is found (if not set an error beep is played).
  • Direct Dial Extension: If enabled the caller can dial an extension code directly.

Simple Example

In this example a caller gets presented with a menu “press 1 for our postal address, press 2 for Support, press hash to hear this menu again”. The postal address is played back from a pre-recorded file which was uploaded. If the caller presses any digit 3-9 or 0 a message is played to tell them the option is not valid, then the original menu is re-played. If nothing is pressed then after a timeout the bottom output is taken and the call is sent to the “Operator” (calls are also routed to the operator when * pressed).