The block httpScreen is used to capture caller-id from the caller and pass it to an external web link for processing, the returned result determines the call branching.

The caller-id collected is appended to the external web link (parameter URL) as the field-value of a query string.

The field-values appended are; The caller-id 'callerid=callerid' a unique call identifier 'uid=uid' and the number which received the call 'origin=origin' .

For example; if the caller 0123456789 called +353123456789 and the url supplied is '' then it will result in the url ''. The call.php page will then processes the received caller-id and publish a single digit result. Restricted caller-id's will be passed as 'unknown' or 'anonymous'.

An outcome of '1' for the http call takes the success output, anything else (including a timeout) is interpreted as failure and sent to the failure output on the bottom of the block.

The unique call identifier remains the same for the duration of the call, it can be useful link records when httpMenu's or httpScreen's are cascaded in a call flow.

Settings for this block

  • Label: An arbitrary label to help identify the block.
  • URL: The web url to query. The field value pair 'callerid=callerid&uid=uid&origin=origin' ' will be appended. **'?' is not appended.