Depreciated - replaced by User Extensions or Divert Call

The block Extension provides 'phone extensions' for the PBX. Any regular phone number or SIP uri (VoIP) can be used as an extension. Each extension has an Extension Code which can be used for in-call transfer to another extension. The optional Call-Announce feature can be used to determine if a call comes from your PBX (and it prevents external voicemail systems picking up extension calls).

Settings for this block

  • Label: An arbitrary label to help identify the block.
  • Extension Code: A 3 digit short code associated with the extension, used for in-call extension transfer.
  • Phone Number: The real phone number where calls will be sent (International format) OR a SIP uri (format sip:username@hostname).
  • Ring Timer (seconds): The number of seconds the phone will ring for before taking failure output.
  • Call Announce: If ON, then after answering '*' key must be pressed on the phone to connect the call, otherwise error output is taken.

Control keys for in-call transfer

  • Attended Transfer: ** followed by the 3 digit extension.
  • Unattended Transfer: ## followed by the 3 digit extension.
  • Disconnect: *# (used during attended transfer to revert to caller).

See more detail on how call transfer works

Simple Example

In this example when the number +448444123456 is called Joe Bloggs extension will ring.

See a more detailed example Example using Extensions

Using SIP/VoIP bridging

To bridge your extension to a VoIP phone enter the SIP uri your VoIP provider gives you in the box labeled 'phone number' (prefix with sip:). Calls routed to VoIP are free.