Divert Call

The block Divert Call sends the call to an external phone number. Any regular phone such as mobile or landline can be used.

Settings for this block

  • Label: An arbitrary label to help identify the block.
  • Phone Number: The real phone number where calls will be sent.
  • Ring Timer : How long the phone will ring for before taking failure output.
  • Max Call Duration : Automatic call cut off. An announcement is played to both parties when 60 secs left.
  • Use '*' Call Accept: If ON, then after answering * must be pressed on the phone to connect the call, otherwise the call continues as if never picked up.
  • Whisper: If present this sound file will be played to the operator answering the call (caller does not hear).

Simple Example

Can be used as a simple way (without setting up an Extension) to re-direct your phone number directly to a mobile phone. In this case when the number +35312345679 is called the mobile phone configured in Call Divert block will ring.