Call Screening

This examples shows how to screen calls based on the callers caller-id.


Jack has a secretary Jill. Jack wants Jill to take most of his calls but has some preferred clients which he allows reach him directly. Jill sometimes needs to query Jack when talking to clients, and sometimes needs to transfer the call directly to him.

Here's how it works

The call comes into +448444123456, then the Screen block checks the caller-id against a comma separated list of values. If the caller-id of the incoming call appears in the list then the call is sent to Jack, if Jack fails to pickup (busy or unavailable) then calls are forwarded to Jill. If the caller-id is not matched with the list, then the call is sent directly to Jill. If Jill fails to answer then a voicemail is collected and emailed to Jill.

If Jill is on a call and wants to talk to Jack she presses **100 which places the caller on hold, then connects her to Jack. If she wants to switch back to the caller she presses *# (or Jack hangs up), which disconnects Jack and resumes her conversation with the caller. Alternatively if Jack wants to talk directly with the caller (while the caller is on hold), Jill simply hangs up.

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