Call Queuing

Example of setting up a basic call queue with two extensions answering calls.


Jack and Jill run a small business repairing buckets. In the rainy season they get sudden bursts of customers so need to have a call queue in place so customers don't get busy tone.

Here's how it works

A call comes in on line +448444123456, the call goes into a queue. If the queue is empty then the call is forwarded to Jack, if Jack fails to answer (busy or unavailable) then it's passed on to Jill. If Jill fails to answer then the call gets put back in the queue. The queue will periodically retry calling Jack and Jill, when one is available the call will connected and leave the queue. If the call spends too long in the queue, then it's forwarded to a voicemail system which plays a 'sorry Q full message' back to the caller. Then takes a recorded message and emails it to Jack and Jill along with the call details (time & caller-id).

While waiting in the queue the caller will hear on hold music and can optionally be told the position they currently hold at regular intervals. The most important thing to remember when using the callQ block is to feed calls back into the input (by connecting the output of the last failure to the input, the callQ block maintains the position of the call until it's completed).

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