Yealink T20P Phone Configuration

Yealink T20P

Yealink T20P is a two line VoIP phone with high-definition audio. It can use a headset and PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Before you begin configuration you will need three settings

  • SIP Username
  • SIP Password
  • SIP Domain:Port (SIP Domain and SIP Port)

Read the User Extension section to see how to obtain these.

Quick Configuration

  1. Connect and power up the phone according to the manual. If the phone was used before you should reset to factory defaults (see the manual).
  2. Get the phones IP address by pressing the phones 'OK' button. Tip: If the phone has no IP address then it's not connected to your local network correctly.
  3. Using the IP address open the phones administration portal using your web browser.
  4. You will need to login to the phone. Default user/password is admin/admin (you should change this later)
  5. Go to the Account tab on the menu.
  6. Complete the following fields.
    • Label: Any string to identify the phone, appears on phone display
    • Register Name: SIP Username
    • User Name: SIP Username
    • Password: SIP Password
    • (SIP Server 1) Server Host/Port: SIP Domain and SIP Port
  7. Click Confirm button.
  8. The field Register Status should now show Registered.
  9. Dial 1742 for a test call.

Your phone should now work, however we recommend you continue with the further settings to optimise your phone.

Further Settings

Note: We recommend you upgrade to the latest firmware, check the manufacturers website for latest releases. Some settings may not exist or be in a different location for different firmware versions. This instruction is based on Firmware Version

  1. Under Account>Account 1>Codec. Set to the recommened G722 for High Definition audio.
  2. Under Account>Account 1>Advanced>Local SIP Port. Set to something different like 55060 to reduce vulnerability to port scanning .
  3. Under Account>Account 1>Advanced>Accept SIP Trust Server Only. Set to Enabled to limit calls to registered account only.
  4. Under Features>General Information>Allow IP Call. Set to Disabled.
  5. Under Security>Password>. Change the administrators password to prevent unauthorised access to the phone settings. This is the password for access to the phone only, don't forget it!

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