Diverting / Ring Order

Each User Extension has three possible termination points for receiving a call; VoIP line, Phone Line and/or VoiceMail. Your settings will determine the order. For our example Jill would like to take her calls on the desk phone, if that fails it tries her mobile, if that fails a voicemail is left.

To configure Jill's User Extension in this order we do as follows;

  1. Change to Edit Mode by clicking 'Edit' on the top left of the workspace.
    Click 'Edit'.
  2. In the Block Library to the right of the workspace click the gear icon to open up the User Extension settings dialog.
    Click the gear icon to open settings
  3. In the Tab General Settings Change the Ringing Order, then click Save
    Select the required ringing order.
  4. Now to activate the changes you have made you will need to click 'Apply Changes'.
    Activate the new Extension with 'Apply Changes'.

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