Connecting a VoIP phone

Frank and Jill each have a desk phone in the office. Their phones use VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology, which means the computer network carries the calls. The VoIP phones work just like any regular office desk phones with 3 digit extension codes (Frank and Jill don't even know they are using VoIP phones).

For Franks desk phone to be connected the VoIP phone will need to be configured with the appropriate VoIP settings. Here we will show you how to view and change Franks VoIP settings on the website.

  1. Change to Edit Mode by clicking 'Edit' on the top left of the workspace.
    Click 'Edit'.
  2. In the Block Library to the right of the workspace click the gear icon to open up the User Extension settings dialog.
    Click the gear icon to open settings
  3. Select the VoIP line tab in the the User Extension settings dialog. The three fields with the prefix SIP are required to configure the VoIP phone (SIP is the VoIP protocol used). Take note of the SIP Username and SIP Domain:Port values.
    Also check all the other settings are correct (refer to Block Help if you need it). TIP:If you want to test an outbound call make sure Allow External Calling is checked.
    Select the VoIP tab
  4. The third setting required to configure your phone is the VoIP password. Make a new password by clicking the re-generate icon on the right side of the SIP Password field. Close the password dialog once you have noted the password (you will not see it again!).
    Generate a password by clicking the re-generate icon
  5. Return to the General Settings tab and ensure Ringing Order includes VoIP (so calls to the extension will ring the VoIP line). Next, make sure to Save the User Extension settings at this point or any changes will be lost, including the VoIP password you created.
    Route calls to VoIP line and Save
  6. Now to activate the changes you have made you will need to click 'Apply Changes'.
    Activate the new Extension with 'Apply Changes'.
  7. It's now time to configure the VoIP phone using the three settings you noted (visit the VoIP section to see how this is done). You will need;
    • SIP Username
    • SIP Password
    • SIP Domain and SIP Port (this is sometimes entered separately on the phone).
  8. Once the VoIP phone is correctly connected and configured the VoIP phone will indicate it's REGISTERED or ONLINE. On the Workspace the User Extension on the extensions side panel will be Green, like Frank in the figure below.
    User Extension Frank online

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