Adding User Extensions

Consider we have added user John at extension code 200 and now we want to add user Frank to the system with an extension code 201. Frank has a VoIP desk phone but we will deal with configuration later.

Adding a User Extension is easy, but a little different to other Blocks.

  1. Change to Edit Mode by clicking 'Edit' on the top left of the workspace.
    Click 'Edit'.
  2. Expand the Extension section on the Block Library on the right.
    Expand the Extension section
  3. Click the 'Add' button in the Extension section of the Block Library.
    Click 'Add'.
  4. A 'New User Extension' dialogue box appears. Complete the settings User Extension Name and choose an extension code. We can ignore the other tab settings for the moment. Finish adding the User Extension by clicking 'Save' on the 'New User Extension' dialogue box. ( ref. Ring Extension block help).
    Complete the settings.
  5. The new User Extension will now appear on the Block Library.
    New User Extension 'Frank'.
  6. Finally to activate the changes you have made you will need to click 'Apply Changes'.
    Activate the new Extension with 'Apply Changes'.

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