Quick Building Guide

We provide a simple visual tool to 'map' how your calls will be routed. This document provides a quick overview of how it works.


  • Visually build the call flow by connecting 'feature blocks' together.

  • Click Edit to start building.

  • Anything you do in 'edit mode' will not affect your live setup until Apply Changes is clicked.

  • Drag blocks onto the workspace grid to start building

  • Connect block outputs to describe call flow.

  • The convention is that on 'success result' the call takes the right side path, on failure lower path.

  • If a block is highlighted in blue then it needs to be configured (double click and enter settings).

  • Edit settings for each block (double click on block). Each block has individual Help.

  • To undo block connections, click on the connection then press Delete key (Fn-Backspace on Mac).

  • To delete a block, click on the block then press the Delete key, or simply drag the block to the bin.

  • Red triangles mean you must join the connector, orange means joining is optional.

  • You can re-label blocks on the workspace by clicking on the title

  • Dragging the workspace grid will let you re-position your diagram, you can re-align by clicking the four-arrows.

  • Browser zoom can be used if the page is too big or small (press Ctrl & +/-)

  • Sound files for upload should be in .wav PCM or .mp3 format.

Now take a look at some examples

Building Call Flow Topics