Virtual Receptionist

What is a Virtual Receptionist ?

A Virtual Receptionist, also known as a Virtual Switchboard, is similar to an auto attendant but normally includes more advanced features such as call queuing. It's virtual because it which does not require any hardware, the system is provided as a hosted service. The purpose of a Virtual Receptionist is to get callers re-directed without the use of an operator or assistant. A Virtual Receptionist is managed through a web browser with the processes and logic used to re-route the caller based on rules defined on the control panel. For example the caller may be re-routed differently based on time of day or a menu option selected (or a combination of many other features).

The service is ideal as a Virtual Receptionist because of it's flexibility.

Here's a simple example of being used as a Virtual Receptionist. The incoming call is sent to an ivr menu system which prompts the caller for options. The result then routes to the sales queue or the support queue or an information announcement.

Virtual Receptionist Management

You only need a web browser to manage your Virtual Receptionist. The service uses the most advanced and user friendly control panel of any online Virtual Receptionist.

See screenshots of how it looks in a browser

Virtual Receptionist Features

The service uses special feature blocks to control your Virtual Receptionist. Click through each one below to see how they work.