UK Numbers

With your account you can easily manage phone calls from all your UK numbers in one place.

We provide Non-geographic; 0844, 0870, 0845, 070, 03 and have nationwide coverage for local geographic numbers.


Number Porting

We can port UK numbers. Contact support for assistance.

UK Numbers Management

You only need a web browser to manage routing of your UK Numbers. The service uses the most advanced and user friendly control panel of any online phone number management tool. Just drag the number to the workspace and connect it to desired feature blocks.

Ordering numbers is easy.

  1. Login to your online account.
  2. Select the menu 'Service > Supplements > Order Phone Numbers'
  3. Select the 'Country', 'Number type' and 'Number' (the actual number can only be picked with some ranges)
  4. Click 'Add'
  5. Add more numbers if you want them.
  6. When your ready check the box and click 'Order'

You will receive notification once the number is active, activation normally takes up to 48 hours.

Once your phone numbers are active they will be ready for use on your system editor.

See screenshots of how it looks in a browser

UK Numbers Features

The service uses special feature blocks to create custom control and routing of your UK Numbers. Click through each one below to see how they work.