Preview – The PBX toolkit manager

Preview Screenshot of PBX toolkit manager

We want our PBX to be flexible enough for users to customize their functionality without great complexity.
We want a system where people only have to pay for the features they require but if necessary can scale to handle very complex call handling scenarios.

We think the best way to do this is provide users with the ability to just select (and pay for) the features they require.

Here’s a mock-up (made in photoshop) of what we think our pbx toolkit manager should look like.

Preview Screenshot of PBX toolkit manager
Preview Screenshot of PBX toolkit manager

How it would work

As can be seen in our previous post the PBX is managed visually by dragging blocks around the screen then connecting them together. All the functionality of the PBX lies inside these blocks, so by controlling the types and number of blocks available to the user they add or remove functionality as required.

In the screenshot you can see the user can browse the ‘blocks’ (which provide the functionality) then click ‘add it’ to extend their PBX toolkit (shown on the right).

The blocks also be added and removed by click the +/- on the ‘new toolkit’

Once the new toolkit is prepared the user will click ‘activate it’ and they are ready to change their PBX with the new toolkit.

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