10 Tips to Make Your Startup’s Website Look Professional

Nowadays, creating a website for your startup is pretty easy. Whether you have some basic coding knowledge or just use an online website builder, virtually anyone can put together their own site in a few hours. The tricky part is making that website look professional. For any small business, designing a good website is a fundamental step in establishing a clear and trustworthy online identity. The last thing you want is potential customers or stakeholders writing you off because your website was illegible, confusing or just plain suspicious looking. And trust us – it happens all the time.

Luckily, the team here at LazyPBX are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like yourself take your company to the next level. That’s why we compiled these ten easy tips to help you design a professional and engaging website for your startup.

  1. Stick to a Simple Palette

When choosing your websites theme, keep the colour palette simple – two or three nice shades will do the trick. Sites like coloors.com help you find the right colour combinations for you. Oh, and stick to a white background unless you’ve got a lot of experience in web design.

  1. Fix Your Font

Making sure your all your titles and written content are legible is really essential for any website. We recommend using a simple black text with a single sans serif font, and keeping that style consistent throughout the site. You can also highlight important words in bold when writing longer paragraphs, which makes it easier for the viewer to digest the information.

  1. Add a Phone Number

This is an important one that startups often forget. Remember, you are creating a business website and you want any potential customers to know that they can trust your service. Adding a clear and visible business phone number to the top of your site is a must. Don’t have a business phone number? We can help with that! Click here to find out more about our super affordable business phone numbers.

  1. Get to the Point

Don’t overcrowd your homepage with paragraphs and paragraphs of information, stay clear and concise. Make sure within the first five seconds of viewing your page, your customers can understand what your business provides. If it’s your first time making a website, it’s always worth showing your first draft to a few friends and asking them for feedback.

  1. Show Don’t Tell

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and the same goes for videos, illustrations and graphics. Whatever your chosen form of media, make sure to have high definition visuals illustrating all your points. Don’t have a company photographer? Don’t worry! Use a site like Pexels for free stock photos.

  1. Keep Things Interactive

Whether its a photo carousel, a slider button or information that fades in and out as you scroll down the page, adding a bit of animation to your site isn’t essential – but it will really take it to the next level. Now don’t go too crazy, but it’s definitely worth checking to see if your website template or web developer can incorporate a bit of interactivity into your site.

  1. Include Testimonials

Again, making a site look professional is all about making it look trustworthy. Show that you are a reliable business by displaying past customer reviews and testimonials at the foot of your page, as well as the logos of some of the brands you work with.

  1. Link to Social Media

Don’t forget to add links to all your social media accounts for added engagement and exposure. It’s pretty much common practice now, and could raise some eyebrows if found missing. Most website builders have a free social media widget you can add to your site in a couple of seconds.

  1. Use the Whole Screen

There’s nothing worse then a website that thinks we all still use old, square-shaped Dell computers. Make sure to keep up with the times and choose a nice, widescreen aspect ratio for your website. A small margin on either side of the page is fine, just make sure that your content is big enough to easily understand.

  1. Sort Out Your Domain Name

Finally, purchasing your business domain name can be pretty inexpensive and definitely adds a professional touch to any website. Sites like Google Domains are an easy way to find the right domain for your company.


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