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..But before I begin you should know that LazyPBX is something unique. It uses cutting edge web technology so you can build individualised telephony services, exactly the way you want without coding. There’s simply no other web application like it (even the largest telecom companies don’t have anything like it!).

So here’s how it goes..

Once upon a time in the mid 1990’s there was an engineer employed by a large Swedish multi-national telecommunications company. Those were the days when GSM mobile growth was exploding, there was anticipation for new ‘business phone services’ driven by ‘Intelligent Networks’ which gave operators the facility of ‘service creation’. But even though service creation was sold to operators as easy-peasy, it turned out quite tricky (which means costly). Because of this, the kings of old made sure roll-out was limited to large services which made lots of dosh, like pre-paid mobile.

My name is Kevin Brennan, I was that engineer, and I am the founder of LazyPBX. When I saw the possibilities with intelligent networks I thought “This is great, with the right user application everybody can make their own phone services!”. Thus was the spark of LazyPBX (but web technology was not quite ready!).

Roll on ten years and we all had broadband (well, most of us) and faster computers (well, some of us) and children (well, me). This kick started growth in Internet telephony services and fostered a new breed of telecom platform. Built on ‘off the shelf’ hardware this ‘soft switch technology’ lowered the bar for entering the telecoms market. You no longer required seven digits on your bank balance to create a telecoms company (6 would do).

So some time in 2005 I emptied my piggy bank and started a telecommunications company with the aim of bringing better ‘web-telephony’ to the masses. But I new it wasn’t going to be that easy (but didn’t know quite how ‘not easy’ it was going to be).

Now, for a lot of people a ‘phone service’ will seem like something straight-forward. You pick up the phone, make a call, charge the call..and that’s it. but really there’s more to it than that (really!).

In 2005 I started with a ‘simple’ Internet telephone service called freespeech (to put bacon on the table).

Then late in 2007 I took my first foray into niche micro-business service creation with a virtual switchboard solution called press1 (as if I didn’t have enough to do). Like all web-telephony services this is pretty static in form, meaning it’s limited in what features can be added or the order features can be added. And if we added new features it would become too complex. We had customer calls like ‘can we add another level to the menu’ or ‘can we check time after a caller presses 1 on the menu’. I knew we had to do something a little different.

In 2011 website technology had come a long way and I thought it was time to re-visit some old ideas for creating a ‘snap and build’ web tool to build a telephony service (influenced by some of the big service creation applications I had used in ‘the old days’). Together with my team of developers we began discussing a solution which would be user-friendly, high-performance, flexible, resilient, scalable and adaptable.

Finally in July 2012 we began taking on beta customers…and the rest ,as they say, is history.

If you haven’t tried LazyPBX yet, then you should know it’s been built with our blood, sweat and tears (I think that’s a first for telephony). We built it because we believed there was a better way to personalise call routing and control. Finally, all I can say is that we love it and we really hope you do too.

We’re improving LazyPBX with new features all of the time. Why not try it for yourself ? (click here for a free trial)

Kevin Brennan (founder)

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