5 Top Tips: on Hiring Remote Freelance Workers

Freelancing is fast gaining momentum the world over for the convenience and flexibility it offers both parties: employer and freelancer. The hiring party gets to cast out its net over a wider pool of talent resource while saving on overheads and other obligations that a full-time or part-time employee might be entitled too such as health care benefits and holiday pay. Since freelancers are paid only on projects completed, companies make savings from not having to pay the freelancer an ongoing wage. For a company or an individual who has never hired a remote worker or maybe new to the hiring process, highlighted below are some useful pointers to set you down the right track.


  1. Knowing Where to Look.


Working remotely is becoming increasingly popular with freelancers because of the flexibility it offers. The elective work schedule, payment terms and job type are all incredibly attractive features that have seduced many a working professional to quit full time employment and jump aboard the freelancing train. Consequently, outsourcing talent to fit your job criteria has become much easier.


Websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Craigslist and Freelancer.com are all great platforms that specialize in connecting employers with remote workers. These platforms attract freelancers from a broad spectrum offering web design and development to data entry and creative services.


  1. A Sizzling Job Post.


Attract the right sort of candidate with a well-crafted job post perfectly outlining your needs/expectations. Choose your words carefully, leaving the applicant in no doubt as to what your requirements are. This will save you time having to sift through proposals forwarded by no-goers.


Interviewing prospective freelancers is another integral part of the hiring process. The right interview questions pre-prepared will help make the selection process more efficient.


  1. Keep Communication Consistent.


Once you’ve found your man (or woman), it is important to maintain an open and constant line of communication with the freelancer. Make sure you are available to clarify/answer their questions as soon as you can so that workflow is not being compromised (many of the hiring platforms provide apps you can download on your phone which helps staying in touch with your freelancer a lot easier).


Furnish the freelancer with concise instructions or a briefing that clearly highlights job requirement, deadline, document links etc. Being organised from getgo will help your remote worker stay on the ball. It also helps avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or delays to the completion of the project.


  1. What’s Your Budget.


It is important to make sure that the number of freelancers you hire is consistent with your budget. The best approach is to hire one or two freelancers initially and gradually up that number as the need arises. This will give you a chance to get your feet wet without overstretching your budget. Also, this approach will help you distinguish the doers and makers from the time wasters!

  1. You Get What You Pay For.


Quality in any form – goods, products, services – is never cheap. You’ll have a variety of freelancers offering to do the same task from £5 to £500. As an employer, it can be tricky to know how to strike the right balance between the price you agree to pay and the value you expect to get.


You may be tempted to save cash by hiring a freelancer charging a cut below the rest; but no matter the sweet talking proposal the chances are the work delivered will be lacking in quality, finesse, and depth. The advantage of hiring more experienced freelancers – who often charge more – is that they need less supervision, meet deadlines without having to be prompted and 9/10 times deliver high quality work (sometimes even exceeding expectations).


Companies have a lot to gain by outsourcing their excess workload to freelancers. The pros of compiling and using a list of competent freelancers on your books far outweigh the cons.  Enjoy a host of talented options, get the job done competently and quickly, and the best part…pay-as-you-go!


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