What wacky ideas can you come up with for LazyPBX ?

What ideas do you have ?

If you let go of conventional PBX thinking what really wacky ideas can you come up with for a cloud PBX.

Here’s some of the less conventional things we think  LazyPBX could do

– Call language translator:  How cool would that be,  talk to a person who speaks French using English.

– Act as your PA: Why shouldn’t your ‘PBX’ be able to do funky things like search flight information and order a taxi ?

– Be your office watchdog: Wouldn’t it be nice if LazyPBX watched your office for you, how about connecting alarm sensors to LazyPBX so you get intruder alerts.

It may sound a little far fetched but these are some of the things we are working to make lazyPBX to do.

Have you got some mad cap idea you think would work with LazyPBX ?  Why not drop us an email we’d love to hear it.

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