5 Ways to Optimise Your Business With Call Analytics

Are you struggling to keep track of your business’s metrics? Whether you’re a new startup or a well-established company, tracking your call analytics is essential. With LazyPBX, you can track your call data easily and effectively.

Here are 5 ways to use LazyPBX to optimise your business and improve your call performance:

1.Call Volume: When is your Phone Blowing Up?

Begin by checking your overall call volume, which you can access by logging into your LazyPBX account and clicking on the Call Analytics button. Analyse the busiest days and times and restructure your support system accordingly. You can also track the number of calls you receive weekly to monitor your overall progress.

2. Phone Menus: Discover Which Departments Need More Help

Add Graph blocks to your phone menu and track how many callers select each option. This will help you identify which departments need the most support, and you can respond accordingly. For example, if your shipping department is receiving a lot of queries, you can now add more information to the Shipping FAQs section of your website.

3. Missed Calls: Are You Dropping the Ball?

Do you have a hunch that you’re missing a lot of calls lately? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Add a Graph block to your voicemail and see how many calls you’ve missed. You may be overlooking a few voicemails, but viewing all the data in a graph will help you identify any slack.

4. Tracking Campaigns: Which Ad is Killing it?

Are you planning to run some ads in the coming months? Publish unique numbers for each campaign and monitor the number of call enquiries you receive for each ad. This will help you determine the success of each campaign, and you can find out more about ordering additional virtual numbers here.

5. Call Recording: Listen to Your Customers

Do you want to get better insight into your customer enquiries, review your phone conversations for training purposes, or stay up to date on calls you missed? Adding a RecordCall block to your setup is all you need to do, along with an optional pre-announcement message. Once the call is over, you will receive an email with an mp3 recording of the conversation. *Note that we do advise users to make themselves aware of respective laws in their jurisdiction before recording calls.

These are just a few of the many ways that tracking your call data can be a total game changer for your business. All these call analytics features are already integrated into every LazyPBX plan (no matter what plan you have), so be sure to check out our FREE trial to try them out yourself.

Want to know more about our other features? Here’s a full list.

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