Worldwide phone numbers (DID’s) now available from 50 countries

We provide phone numbers for 50 countries worldwide.

Now with your LazyPBX account can easily accept calls from all over the world. Perfect if you need an international presence for your company. Starting at only £5.99 per month (see pricing) we have support for geographic local and/or non-geographic numbers in the following countries;

Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Brazil Bulgaria
Canada Chile Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic
El Salvador Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece
Hong Kong Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway
Panama Peru Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Singapore
Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom
United States

You only need a web browser to manage routing of your World Numbers. LazyPBX uses the most advanced and user friendly control panel of any online phone number management tool. Just drag the number to the workspace and connect it to desired feature blocks.

  1. Login to your online account.
  2. Select the menu ‘Service > Phone Numbers’
  3. Expand the section ‘Order Phone Numbers:’
  4. Select the ‘Country’, ‘Number type’ and ‘Number’ (the actual number can only be picked with some ranges)
  5. Click ‘Add’
  6. Add more numbers if you want them.
  7. When your ready check the box and click ‘Order’

You will receive notification once the number is active, activation normally takes up to 48 hours.

Once your phone numbers are active they will be ready for use on your PBX editor.

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