Why Blog ?

Why blog about lazypbx

I blog therefore I am.

When your starting a new web service it’s not like a store opening, with a big day launch party and several newspaper spreads.

The holy grail for all web-businesses is organic search, it’s free and it’s the best kind of hit. People actually looking for you.

If you run a website you will be bombarded daily with SEO offers, but the simple fact is that if you have the ‘stuff’ people are searching for then the search engines want to find you.

What I recommend you do is bump those SEO dudes and do the following

Rule #1 – know your keywords and repeat them often.

Yes, this site is for a PBX, that’s business phone system. I’ll say it again, we’ll be providing an ¬†‘online PBX’.

Rule #2 – regular updates.

It’s important to keep the information flowing, regular updates.

Rule #3 – provide readable content.

Look, you want visitors – don’t just post crap. Yes we’re here to brag about the new PBX were making but social media really works when your being relevant.
We¬†genuinely want to provide information about the product we’re creating (the online PBX) and we also want to get readers and feedback.

And here’s an extra TIP, use a decent blogging tool (this is wordpress) so your pages are correctly indexed.

We’ll bring you some more news tomorrow on how design is progressing.

And yay, we are now also tweeting –

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