Latest News: The latest updates from Lazy PBX

New features for lazypbx

The latest updates from Lazy PBX

  • New PBX wizard
  • Nicer portal menu’s
  • Improved session handling

New PBX wizard

We’ve introduced a new PBX wizard to help create your first PBX in a flash. The wizard creates your PBX based on a series of simple questions.

You can read more on our support wiki (get the popcorn, there’s a video too)

Note: If you don’t see the wizard button when you login you need to refresh your cache by hitting F5

We will be extending the wizard in the future to provide a choice of  more sophisticated configurations.

Nicer portal menu’s

You now have nice drop down menu’s in your portal to allow us add the upcoming call analytics and other features.

Improved session handling

Developers have made some improvements to the portals session handling, this will help lead to less unexpected session timeouts.

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