Subscribing to a Lazy PBX Account

When planning a new ‘service’ website the subscription process is important.

There’s a few key points on the  subscription process

  • It should be quick. Value peoples time, they will not bother if there’s too much detail.
  • It should stop spammers and fraud early.
  • It should include a test or trial period.
  • It should avoid asking for money until the customer is happy with what you offer.
  • It should capture marketing information.
  • It should qualify customers, know what region they are in etc..
  • It should capture valid contact information.
  • It should be secure.

Step 1.  Collect Data

A simple form with no obligation to complete the trial  (after all what’s the point in customers that don’t actually want your product).
Some things I really like on this form  (i) the email address is only asked once, repeat email entry is a pain. (ii) you aren’t asked to create a password (iii) no ‘captchas’ which is the most annoying spam protection possible.

PBX Subscribe - Step1
PBX Subscribe - Step1

In the background we can also perform some checks to help prevent spam by stopping disposable email addresses and using an IP country database.

Step 2: Check the form data and send out a validation email

The user will receive an email with unique validation code. This steps important to make sure the email was typed correctly and to confirm the email address can actually receive mail from us (some domains are very aggressive when it comes to spam)

PBX subscribe, Step 2
PBX subscribe, Step 2

Step 3.  The receiver clicks the link they receive

The link received will re-direct the receiver to a validation page where they are required to enter their mobile number.

This is a good way to get valid contact information & kill most spam in one go.

PBX subscription: Step 3
PBX subscription: Step 3

Step 4. We text a password

PBX subscription: Step 4
PBX subscription: Step 4

Now once password is entered they are logged into their new account.

A nice simple 4 step process which fulfills all our needs.

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