New User Extensions – includes VoIP support with dialing out.

We’ve replaced the old Extensions Block with “User Extensions”. Our goal was to make Extensions re-usable and add support for attaching VoIP desk phones (yes, you can now make calls directly from your PBX phone).

Each User Extension features:

  • A three digit extension code which can be used for in-call transfer or calls between extensions.
  • A VoIP line to which a SIP compatible desk phone may be attached for making and receiving calls.
  • A Phone line which is used to answer calls on regular phones such as a mobile or landline (call transfer is supported but you can’t originate calls).
  • Personal Voicemail which is delivered any email address.

There’s no need to make any changes to your current configuration, existing Extension Blocks will continue to work. However the process for adding new Extensions has changed.  See the user guide for getting started with User Extensions here.

User Extensions are easy to use. Simply add them, then drag them to the call flow on the canvas.

Adding User Extensions

Adding User Extensions

Coming with user extension is the ability to add a call whisper.  The call whisper feature allows users to answer calls in the most appropriate way.

Adding Call Whisper to a call

Read more about using User Extensions 


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