New Feature: Direct Dial to Extensions

direct dialing of extensions

We’ve had lot’s of requests to add a feature for direct dial to User Extensions so we’re delighted to announce it’s been added.

Overview: Direct Dial to Extensions

For callers you may want to provide an option to reach staff directly if the caller knows the extension code. Previously this feature could be added but required cascading of call menu’s which was a little clunky (to say the least). We’ve now added a simple check box to the Menu Block which enables the feature.

Using Direct Dial to Extension

Every User Extension will have a 3 digit short code assigned (from 200-299).  For Callers to be able to dial the 3 User Extension code directly simply check the new parameter ‘Direct Dial Extension:’ on the Menu block.

You will need to update your Menu playback recordings to reflect the change (ie. you need to inform the caller they can dial a users extension if they know it!).

direct dialing of extensions


Once the feature is active the caller will have the option of selecting a single digit (as was the case before) or dialing a 3 digit extension code. If the Extension code dialed does not exist the caller will be informed with an announcement “not a valid extension” after which the call will be re-directed to the Menu’s ‘No Match’ announcement, then the bottom output is taken.

Further details in documentation on the Menu block.


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