Lazy PBX features

planned features for lazypbx

Progress is moving well, we’re busy testing the integration of our portal system to back end systems.  The editor is more or less complete and we’re just finalising features for our first release.

Here are some of the features we’ve planned:

Say Text: a text to speech function,  this feature will allow you type a sentence and have it read back to the caller. Useful for temporary  announcements when your favorite office voice recording artist is off on their holidays !

EmailAlert: Drops you an email with some call information when called.  Handy to alert you to calls that staff should have answered !

VoiceEmail:  Captures recorded voicemails and sends them to a defined list of email addresses, nice when your on the move.

Call Q: Places calls into a queuing system.  Optionally queue position can be read to the callers.

Screen: screens the callers against a list. This can be used as a black list or white list, perfect to prioritise customers or filter nuisance calls.

Http Screen: Much like screen but contexts to an external url using a http post of caller-id to determine results. This is great if you want to integrate with a CRM or build some custom applications. For example you could build an application to route all calls with a certain geographic prefix to a different operator.

Time Switch: Branches the call based on time of day or day of week. Nice when your office is closed.

Menu: This feature will prompt the caller with some menu options, then branch the call based on results.

Http Menu: Much like the Menu feature but will post the resultant digits to an external url for processing. Useful for creating custom applications. For example you could integrate a support application which uses account codes to verify account holding callers.

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