CallSwitch app now available on google play store.

CallSwitch app - remote control from your android phone
CallSwitch app now available on google play

The CallSwitch Android app is now available on google play.

With the CallSwitch app you can remotely switch a call path.

Imagine your office phone number needs to be quickly re-routed because the phone lines are down OR you have a single support number which routes to a staff member on call OR you change location for work irregularly… These are example scenario’s where CallSwitch is invaluable.

How it works ? – Simply build a CallSwitch into the ‘call flow’ at clound phone service, then switch the call routing on demand from your android phone.

You will need a account to use the app.

  • Free, quick to install, no advertising.
  • Requires an account at to work.
  • Simple configuration using QR code scan to attach the app to the cloud phone service.
  • App supports multiple ‘switches’

Get it at play store

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