Bootstrap – The lazy PBX project

let's start this pbx thing

Ok, so we’re ready to get kicking on this lazy PBX thing.

So, what’s it all about ?
Are you fed up of complex business phone systems, having to install expensive PBX equipment , having to pay a technician every time something goes wrong?
We’ve searched through the available PBX solutions with using web configuration and been just as frustrated, we’ve stuck our heads in the clouds to examine the hosted pbx offerings.
Quite frankly we’re still as confused as ever – why’s it all so damn complex ?

We’ve been working with new generation phone systems for some time and thinking long and hard about these problems.

We found;
Every time you ask a business  what they require from a phone system they start to draw you pictures of how the whole thing should work.
Every time you ask a business they need something different to the one before.

So here’s a checklist for a PBX from a business owners perspective

  1. We don’t want to mess around with hardware
  2. We want don’t want to hire a rocket scientist
  3. We want the phone system to be flexible enough to work the way we want it to work.
  4. The system should be visual and intuitive. We want something a donkey can setup – we don’t want a zillion web forms to complete with technical stuff we don’t understand.
  5. We want to be able to change and adapt it easily whenever we like.

So that’s easy, all we have to do is build something that fits the bill.   Simple.

This blog is dedicated to the building of a hosted pbx like no other.

We’re going to be as social as we can when building, talking about the design & technology, we might even talk a little about the business.
We’re not starting from scratch, we have plenty of experience and we have been doing plenty of groundwork.
We’re planning our beta launch for Feb 2012 (ooh that’s a tight schedule!)

In summary we’re going to create a really easy to use phone system for businesses which can do the most complex things.

Kick off!

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