Looking for a BT featureline alternative ?

BT featureline claims it gives small to medium-sized businesses the call handling capabilities of an advanced phone system without costly network set-up. To us that sounded like they were pitching lazyPBX so we thought we’d stack to the two against each other and see how they compare. We also think this will be a useful exercise for existing featureline customers who are considering a move. We’ll be as objective as we can, but hey we do run LazyPBX so you’ll need to factor that in for yourself.

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This is our story

This is our story ..But before I begin you should know that LazyPBX is something unique. It uses cutting edge web technology so you can build individualised telephony services, exactly the way you want without coding. There’s simply no other web application like it (even the largest telecom companies don’t have anything like it!).