PBX Case Study: Nothing But Padlocks

Nothing But Padlocks are the only specialist of padlocks in the UK and Europe. They service public sector,  private industry and the general public.  Products range from lower cost options for lockers and bags, right the way up to specialist CEN approved high security locks, resistant to even hydraulic bolt cutters.

The Problem

Padlocks are a technical item and have lots of technical questions but many of these are the same, over and over. Nothing But Padlocks already have a Youtube Channel and an advice blog but many people still call with the same questions. Nothing But Padlocks therefore wanted some way of filtering those with question of existing orders from those who needed technical advice for new orders. They also wanted to split the general public from commercial accounts.

The Solution

Nothing But Padlocks needed multiple menus, pre-recorded messages, tracking and call queues.  With LazyPBX Nothing But Padlocks got all this for less cost than BT’s Featureline and hugely less than an in-house system operated by their own hardware. The Cloud based system provided a control panel that any of their staff can access from various locations and update in seconds.  Nothing But Padlocks took the option to record all their own menus and recordings due to their technical nature. The recordings were easily uploaded to the LazyPBX system as MP3’s.

The Results

Nothing But Padlocks customers are now split between public and commercial. This allows them to be put through to the right person and a more specific submenu. Both get the option of pre-recorded technical advice.  Now, by the time customers get through to Nothing But Padlocks they have a much better idea of what they want, which saves a lot of time repeating advice.  Nothing But Padlocks also use call analytics to see which customers listen to the advice and then do not wish to speak with someone.  Nothing But Padlocks can now compare their session data with purchases.

Best summed up by Tim Good from Nothing But Padlocks:-  “Basically what LazyPBX has saved is time. And we all know what time equals.”

What did it cost Nothing But Padlocks ? – only £14.98 per month (excluding call charges)

Website: www.nothingbutpadlocks.com
Address: 9-15 Grundy Street, Liverpool, L5 9SG, UK
Tel:  +44 (0)151 266 86 06