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LazyPBX provides all the tools you need to effectively manage your customer calls. It's hard to manage your phone lines when you are a growing business, whatever your size, but poor phone service results in lost business. With LazyPBX you can quickly adapt to demands with services like priority handling, call queueing, call hunting and phone menu's.

Here's a typical example; You want to separate 'potential customers' from 'existing customers'. With LazyPBX a phone menu is added by simply dropping a Menu feature block onto the sales line. Problem solved! (and it only took 5 minutes).

Free trial

However you want to improve your customer call management, LazyPBXs' flexible features will work for you.

LazyPBX is unique because it's 'snap and build' technology can simply manage your inbound calls the way YOU want. You can even link lazyPBX to your own customer relationship tools using straightforward web design methods. The result is efficient, measured call processing for your business lines, which is easy to manage, keeping you and your customers happy.