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Business Growth


Whether you are a garage startup or a mature business LazyPBX can work for you. It's a phone system designed to grow and adapt with your business. LazyPBX offers flexible 'on demand' pricing and uses a unique 'snap and build' technology. This makes it simple to adapt to your changing needs.

Here's a typical example. Increased marketing leads to extra sales calls and your staff can't get to every call. With LazyPBX call queuing is added by simply dropping a new CallQ feature block onto the sales line. Problem solved! (and it only took 5 minutes).

Free trial

Whatever the changes you require LazyPBXs' flexible 'snap and build' technology will work for you.

To grow LazyPBX you simply drag'n'drop the new features, phone numbers or extensions you need onto your workspace, then plug them together. In comparison, other systems either use programming languages, or multi-page forms for configuration which leads to 'configuration confusion'. Using LazyPBX, the simple and powerful method of 'snap and build' means you visually design your call flow using intuition. The result is a simple call diagram and you only need to configure what you require, and even better, you only to pay for what you need.