Hosted PBX

A PBX or PABX (private branch exchange) is the technical term used to describe an office phone system, providing staff with phone extensions and features like call transfer. The service can operate as a hosted PBX (also known as a virtual PBX or cloud PBX).

It's call hosted because the phone system is delivered to you as a hosted service. That means no local PBX hardware is required, the PBX is remotely located in our facility and you just require a web browser to manage your hosted PBX. No special phones are required, any regular landline or mobile phone can be used.

What is a Hosted PBX ?

A typical PBX setup would include a number of staff with their own extensions and personal voicemail. The main contact telephone being number routed through to an operator or auto-attendant. Each extension would have the facility to transfer calls to one another or place calls on hold.

To provide a solution like this your for your business the options are to install a hardware PBX or use a hosted PBX, like The service A hardware PBX is costly to install, requires special handsets and needs continual support so a hosted PBX provides a cost effective alternative. With The service you don't need to purchase any hardware at all, you just re-use existing landlines or mobile phones.

To manage and configure your hosted PBX you only require a web browser. With The the PBX's features and extensions are all defined through an easy to use graphical tool.

For example a phone number configured to route to an extension would look like this.

Hosted PBX Management

You only need a web browser to manage your hosted PBX. The service uses the most advanced and user friendly control panel of any hosted PBX.

See screenshots of how it looks in a browser

Hosted PBX Features

LazyPBX uses special feature blocks to control your hosted PBX. Click through each one below to see how they work.


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