See why LazyPBX is the worlds smartest call management software

Powerful Call Analytics

Sales Intelligence Use advanced call tracking to discover which phone numbers lead to sales.

Flexible Call Flows

Business Growth Painlessly adapt as your business grows. Work from anywhere.

Caller Satisfaction

Caller Satisfaction Stay professional whatever your size; route calls efficiently.

Auto Attendant

Re-direct callers without the use of an operator or assistant..>>

Business Call Forwarding

Perfect for simple tasks like call forwarding..>>

Call Center Contact

Track and process calls for outsourced contact centers..>>

Call Screening

Filter or prioritise calls based on received caller-id..>>

Call Tracking

Use powerful call analytics to track what callers are doing..>>

Call Whisper

Pre-announce calls to your staff using 'whisper'..>>

Hosted PBX / Virtual PBX

You don't need hardware to have PBX features..>>

IVR Call Application

Quickly build phone menus to enhance customer experience..>>

Line Hunting

Make sure your customers can reach someone..>>

Numbers for Business

Get as many numbers for your business as you need..>>

Virtual Switchboard

Connect callers to the right person without an operator. ..>>

SOHO Phone System

A perfect call solution for running any small/home offices..>>

UK Numbers

Have as many UK numbers for your business as you like..>>

Worldwide Numbers

Easily manage numbers from over 50 countries. ..>>

Virtual Extensions

Quickly turn ANY phone into a PBX extension..>>

Virtual Receptionist

Connect callers to the right person without an operator..>>

Virtual Voicemail

Receive voicemails via email without needing a phone..>>

Virtual Call Center

Setup your very own call centre in just a minutes..>>

Powerful Call Analytics

Because you run a business you understand the importance of metrics to optimise your sales process. LazyPBX turns your phone system into a valuable data mine. From simple overviews of call volume, to detailed recording of which option was selected on your phone menus.

Here's a typical example. Publishing unique phone numbers to facilitate ad. campaign tracking. This simple method let's you measure the volume of enquiries that result from each campaign you run.

Watch a video to see more on call analytics.

Whatever the data you want to measure, LazyPBXs' flexible implementation of call analytics will work for you.

LazyPBX provides call analytics anywhere you need it. Counters are automatically collected for every phone number and additional counters can be included wherever you wish, using our simple 'snap and build' technology. The result is beautiful, simple call graphs with powerful comparative analysis displaying data from anywhere in your calls flow.

Sales intelligence from call analytics

Flexible Call Flows

Whether you are a garage startup or a mature business LazyPBX can work for you. It's a phone system designed to grow and adapt with your business. LazyPBX offers flexible 'on demand' pricing and uses a unique 'snap and build' technology. This makes it simple to adapt to your changing needs.

Here's a typical example. Increased marketing leads to extra sales calls and your staff can't get to every call. With LazyPBX call queuing is added by simply dropping a new CallQ feature block onto the sales line. Problem solved! (and it only took 5 minutes).

Watch a video to see more on call flows.

Whatever the changes you require LazyPBXs' flexible 'snap and build' technology will work for you.

To grow LazyPBX you simply drag'n'drop the new features, phone numbers or extensions you need onto your workspace, then plug them together. In comparison, other systems either use programming languages, or multi-page forms for configuration which leads to 'configuration confusion'. Using LazyPBX, the simple and powerful method of 'snap and build' means you visually design your call flow using intuition. The result is a simple call diagram and you only need to configure what you require, and even better, you only to pay for what you need.

Build flexible call flows

Caller Satisfaction

LazyPBX provides all the tools you need to effectively manage your customer calls. It's hard to manage your phone lines when you are a growing business, whatever your size, but poor phone service results in lost business. With LazyPBX you can quickly adapt to demands with services like priority handling, call queueing, call hunting and phone menu's.

Here's a typical example; You want to separate 'potential customers' from 'existing customers'. With LazyPBX a phone menu is added by simply dropping a Menu feature block onto the sales line. Problem solved! (and it only took 5 minutes).

Watch a video on custom call flows.

However you want to improve your customer call management, LazyPBXs' flexible features will work for you.

LazyPBX is unique because it's 'snap and build' technology can simply manage your inbound calls the way YOU want. You can even link lazyPBX to your own customer relationship tools using straightforward web design methods. The result is efficient, measured call processing for your business lines, which is easy to manage, keeping you and your customers happy.

Intelligent call routing